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Prime1Studio's DOOM Slayer is NOW available for pre-order at - REG: https://www.prime1studio.com/doom-doom-slayer-ummdoom-01.html - DX: https://www.prime1studio.com/doom-doom-slayer-ummdoom-01dx.html - UT: https://www.prime1studio.com/doom-doom-slayer-ummdoom-01ut.html About the DOOM Slayer 1:3 scale Masterpiece by Prime 1 Studio: Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the DOOM Slayer from the upcoming video game –DOOM Eternal. Standing 43” tall (including the base), this massive piece comes with 6 interchangeable weapons, (Super Shotgun/ Heavy Cannon/ Plasma Rifle/ BFG 9000/ Chainsaw/ Crucible Sword/) 3 corresponding arms, and helmet with a LED Light Up feature!! The base features a highly detailed landscape filled with rubble, skulls, and a full-sized remain of a defeated Pinky demon. This statue is a must-have in companion with the release of the DOOM Eternal game set to release on March 20, 2020!! #doom #doomreview #doomslayer #doometernal #prime1studio --- --- For more information visit and follow/like: - https://www.prime1studio.com - https://www.instagram.com/prime1studio - https://www.facebook.com/prime1studio - https://www.twitter.com/prime1studio - https://www.youtube.com/Prime1Studio/ ?????? - https://www.prime1studio.co.jp

Bilder: Prime 1 Studio

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