ID@Xbox 2020 Summer Spotlight Series

Hey! It's video number one in our Summer Spotlight series for summer 2020. We're all missing out on big events like E3 this summer that have been cancelled due to Covid 19, so we wanted to shine a light on what's brewing this year at ID@xbox. We kick off in this video with an animal/skater mashup, a spellcasting battle royale with squad and solo modes, an epic fantasy air combat game, and more. We hope you're as stoked about summer as we are. We get to play more games! Featured games: - Skatebird - Spellbreak - The Falconeer - The Forgotten City - Trash Sailors - Call of the Sea - Dead Static Drive - Welcome to Elk

ID@Xbox 2020 Summer Spotlight Series 2

In number 2 of our Summer Spotlight series, devs discuss secret worlds, abominable monstrosities and lots more. We're throwing down in-depth looks at all the cool stuff emerging from the universe of independent gaming, as we partner with clever, innovative and pioneering devs we are stoked to support as part of the ID@Xbox program. Have fun and play more games! Featured games: - Carrion - Ary and the Secret of Seasons - Atrio: the Dark Wild - Black Book - No Straight Roads

ID@Xbox 2020 Summer Spotlight Series 3

Our showcase continues with a crowdfunding success story, an innovative action-packed side scroller, and lots more. Bummer that the biggest summer events won't happen until next year, but that's not stopping our dev friends from creating more worlds for you to explore and more games to discover. Enjoy our 2020 Spotlight series, and grab your controller for more adventures. Featured games: - Everspace 2 - Foregone - Going Under - Hitchhiker a Mystery Game - Paradise Lost

ID@Xbox 2020 Summer Spotlight Series 4

Number 4 in our showcase dives into some serious roguelike action, a new twist on an old favorite and lots more. We're super excited to roll out this showcase of ID@Xbox games we're bringing to the platform this year. Kick back and enjoy! Featured games: - Scourgebringer - Phogs! - Psikodelya - Sail Forth - Super Meat Boy Forever

ID@Xbox 2020 Summer Spotlight Series 5

We're deep diving into our dev showcase in video 5 with a unique hybrid action/RPG, a super tasty party game, and more. We're having a blast with this video showcase, and looking forward to a summer of awesome gaming! Featured games: - The Ascent - Cake Bash - The Riftbreaker - The Universim - Cyber Shadow

ID@Xbox 2020 Summer Spotlight Series 6

We're going out with a bang in video 6 of our Summer Spotlight series with a handful of awesome titles. Check out a trippy first-person survival game, a power-packed physics-based party game, and lots more. Featured games: - Knight Squad 2 - Boomerang Fu - Voidtrain - Wintermoor Tactics Club - Xuan Yuan Sword VII - Backbone

ID@Xbox Game Pass 2020 Showcase

Check out these awesome ID@Xbox titles that are coming to Game Pass in 2020! Take a trip through imagination and explore a vast open universe of infinite horizons, a crazy couch-friendly coop, a unique and dazzling puzzle solver, and more!

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