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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Soundtrack Demo

I composed this track last May to provide a soundtrack for the Kickstarter campaign.
The promotional video of Igarashi-san saying, “But I know they are wrong!” and throwing
the wine glass left a strong impression on me.

VOYAGE OF PROMISEThis is the music for the stage aboard the Galleon. For this
track I wanted to evoke the feeling of an adventure’s beginning.

The reference material I received showed a very beautiful place, and this melody
came to me immediately. The heavenly pipe organ and soprano vocal make this one of my favorite tracks.

The Entrance was a very beautiful place as well, but I was inspired by the fountain,
the chandelier, and all the sparkly decoration to compose a track that sympathizes
with Miriam’s sad and cruel fate.

Bilder: Koji Igarashi

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